AutoCulture 2.0: Leading with Gravitas

AutoCulture 2.0: Leading with Gravitas

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Jan Griffiths is thrilled to share the news about her upcoming book, "AutoCulture 2.0," which is set to be published on March 7th, 2024. 

In this episode, Jan talks about the book's inspiration and commitment to transforming the leadership model and culture in the auto industry.

Jan dives into the book's contents, which include her personal story, industry experiences, and vision for authentic leadership. The book also features podcast interviews with visionary leaders in the auto industry, each providing a unique perspective on leadership and drawing from diverse backgrounds and experiences within the automotive sector.

Jan reveals three crucial leadership lessons she learned during the book's writing process. These include playing to one's strengths, prioritizing brevity and clarity, and embracing progress over perfection. 

With the release of "AutoCulture 2.0" just around the corner, Jan encourages listeners to get the book and embrace authentic leadership.

Themes discussed in this episode:

  • Transforming leadership and culture in the auto industry
  • The essence of authentic leadership and its significance in driving positive change 
  • Learning from visionary leaders in the automotive sector
  • Getting vital leadership lessons from a personal journey
  • Recognizing and embracing your strengths
  • Brevity and clarity
  • Embracing progress over perfection

Your Host

Jan Griffiths is the architect of cultural change in the automotive industry. As the President & Founder of Gravitas Detroit, Jan brings a wealth of expertise and a passion for transforming company cultures. Additionally, she is the host of The Automotive Leaders Podcast, where she shares insightful conversations with industry visionaries, and is the author of AutoCulture 2.0. With her extensive experience and commitment to fostering positive change, Jan Griffiths is at the forefront of revolutionizing the automotive landscape.


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Episode Highlights:

[02:06] Book Journey: Hear Jan's journey, why she decided to write the book, and what the book is all about.

[06:14] Leaders on Focus: Get to know the industry leaders individually as Jan talks about each featured leader, giving you a glimpse into their take on automotive leadership.

[10:10] Jan's Key Lessons: Join Jan in discussing three vital leadership takeaways from her writing journey, emphasizing the importance of strengths, clarity, and progress.

Mentioned in this episode:

This episode is sponsored by Lockton, click here to learn more