AutoCulture 2.0 Book Launch

AutoCulture 2.0 Book Launch

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In this special episode, we'll take you through the electrifying launch event of the book AutoCulture 2.0: Leading with Gravitas, where Jan Griffiths, the visionary force behind Gravitas Detroit, takes center stage.

Jan shares a heartfelt reflection on the significance of the book launch. Surrounded by industry veterans, friends, and supporters, she describes it as the best night of her life, where everything in her career and life converged. 

Jan starts her speech by diving straight into the core issue: the automotive industry's transformation. She highlights the flurry of discussions around technological advancements but questions the neglect of culture in these conversations. Jan challenges the traditional leadership model and advocates for authentic leadership rooted in trust and inspiration, drawing from Stephen M. R. Covey's wisdom.

Jan weaves in stories from influential figures like Sandy Stojkovski, Dr. Andy Palmer, Stefan Krause, and Jessica Robinson, illustrating the essence of authentic leadership. Through their experiences, Jan underscores the urgent need for a cultural revolution in the automotive industry.

Jan reflects on Tesla and BYD's remarkable journeys from skepticism to success. She warns against the Blockbuster fate, urging a culture that nurtures innovation instead of stifling it with outdated practices.

With unwavering determination, she calls on the audience to take action and become agents of change in an industry on the verge of a revolution.

Themes discussed in this episode:

  • Revolutionizing leadership and workplace culture in the automotive industry
  • The essence of authentic leadership and its significance in driving positive change 
  • Learning from visionary leaders in the automotive sector
  • The importance of creating safe spaces where employees can freely express their ideas without fear of judgment or backlash
  • Confronting the common challenges entrenched in traditional corporate cultures
  • Transitioning from top-down management to a more people-centered approach
  • Cultivating an environment that nurtures innovation
  • Elevating the voices and contributions of every employee through inclusive communication and community-building efforts

Your Host

Jan Griffiths is the architect of cultural change in the automotive industry. As the President & Founder of Gravitas Detroit, Jan brings a wealth of expertise and a passion for transforming company cultures. Additionally, she is the host of Automotive Leaders Podcast, where she shares insightful conversations with industry visionaries. Jan is also the author of AutoCulture 2.0, a groundbreaking book that challenges the traditional leadership model prevalent in the automotive world. With her extensive experience and commitment to fostering positive change, Jan is at the forefront of revolutionizing the automotive landscape. Reach out to her at

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Episode Highlights:

[03:16] A Warm Introduction: Ashok kicks off the event with a lively introduction, setting the stage for Jan's speech.

[06:22] Culture Matters: Jan starts her speech and talks about why culture is so important in the evolving automotive industry.

[09:51] Following Her Heart: Jan recounts her journey—from feeling stuck in her dream job to daring to redefine automotive culture.

[15:06] Building Gravitas: Jan takes the leap into entrepreneurship with Gravitas Detroit, realizing the need to amplify authentic leadership in the automotive industry.

[24:01] Embracing Change: Tesla and BYD's journeys from skepticism to success and why we should create an environment for innovation to thrive.

[28:25] Shout-out to Sponsors: A quick nod to the sponsors who helped make the event happen.

[30:32] Call to Action: Jan concludes her speech with a powerful call to action, urging listeners to join the movement toward a cultural revolution in the automotive industry.

Top Quotes:

[07:12] Jan: “Every day, we're busy in this industry. We talk about EVs, right? We talk about the adoption rate. We talk about autonomous driving. We talk about software-defined vehicles. We talk about batteries. We talk about charging infrastructure and on and on and on. And technology and technology, right? What about culture? Does anybody in this room seriously think that the leadership model that we followed in this industry that got us to where we are today is going to take us into the future?”

[08:31] Jan: “We have to move away from position and power and look to people and potential. We have to move away from this mindset of compliance because in our industry, oh my God, do we love compliance? We love rules and we want to make you follow those rules. And what happens when you don't follow those rules? Bad things happen, right?

[13:10] Jan: “We have people in our organizations today who are full of great ideas. We have a responsibility as leaders to create an environment for them to grow, an environment for them to flourish, and to banish the fear that we're so known for in this organization. I can't tell you how many times, as direct as I am, that I was afraid to put my voice forward because I was afraid of judgment. I was afraid of being fired. And so, I didn't. I kept those ideas in. Now, how are we going to grow this industry and transform this industry at the rate that's needed if we don't create that environment? We all have a responsibility to do that.”

[25:43] Jan: “We have to create an environment for innovation to thrive. We cannot talk about innovation as it relates to product and technology at one side of our mouth, and then have a culture that kills it on the other. That has to change.”

[26:40] Jan: “We cannot continue with these small little bits of incremental improvement with our culture. We think we're doing some good things, but we're not doing enough and we're not doing it fast enough. We need to do more and we need to do it not only to make sure that we don't become the next Blockbuster, but for our legacy, for our children and for the people coming into this industry. We have to leave it in better shape than the day we walk in the door to walk into this industry.”

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This episode is sponsored by Lockton, click here to learn more