Meet Nick Norris, Navy SEAL

Meet Nick Norris, Navy SEAL

It's Sunday, March 29th, 2020 and we are in the midst of a global crisis, the COVID 19 crisis.  Leaders are challenged with an unprecedented situation where there is no corporate playbook to follow and very little evidence of contingency planning.

Where can we look for guidance? for leadership insight in this time of crisis, this time of uncertainty - who is ever really trained for this?

The answer – the military – and we look to an elite group of warriors known as the NAVY SEALS

In this episode, you’ll meet Nick Norris. Nick was clearly born to serve, he not only served his country as a Navy SEAL but continues to serve the Navy SEAL community with his active involvement with the C4 foundation  . The C4 Foundation honors the legacy of Charles Humphrey Keating IV, a heroic Navy SEAL who gave his life defending our country and the freedoms we enjoy.

Nick also serves in his current role as CEO and co-founder of Protect Products, a wellness company committed to positively impacting customer health with both personal care products and nutritional supplements.

Nick embodies the qualities of his brand and this is EXACTLY the type of leadership we need right now, leading through this crisis can be the most rewarding and, yes, exhilarating experience of our lifetime if we step up and embrace this leadership opportunity right NOW!

06:42 Nick Norris – Nick’s story

09:43 Contingency planning is everything

12:08 Why are SEALS so effective?

14:47 Micromanagement – The handicap

17:51 Trust and Hell Week

19:56 Love and compassion

23:55 Calm breeds calm

27:30 A time for creativity

30:59 Balancing emotions and vulnerability

36:22 The sand table

46:47 Dealing with toxic employees

51:35 Can you trust too much?

54:09 Extreme sports, pushing the limits, inside your head

1:03:05 Starting your day and Nick’s morning routine

1:07:49 Changing habits