Meet Carrie Uhl, Chief Procurement Officer for GE Healthcare

Meet Carrie Uhl, Chief Procurement Officer for GE Healthcare

In this podcast, you’ll meet Carrie Uhl, Chief Procurement Officer for GE Healthcare. Carrie is one of the most impactful supply chain leaders in not one, but two different industries. She shares with us her belief in bringing her best self to work, being tough on issues and not people, and being relentlessly positive.

02:24 – Carrie’s formative years in Pittsburgh

04:15 – First job in Supply Chain, with Guardian Industries

05:31 – After many years in Automotive, moving on to healthcare

08:46 – Carrie’s leadership style

10:14 – How Carrie creates a safe environment

12:50 – Building high-performance teams

17:48 – Lean Thinking

18:30 – Carrie’s definition of Gravitas

22:17 – How Carrie’s leadership style has evolved

28:16 – Developing people globally

31:14 – Work/Life balance

36:15 – Carrie’s surprising morning routine

40:47 – Carrie’s advice to her 25-year-old self

42:38 – Carrie’s legacy

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