Meet Ann Carter , C Suite Supply chain executive - Part 1

Meet Ann Carter , C Suite Supply chain executive - Part 1

Ann Carter is the leader people love to follow. Don’t take my word for it just ask anyone who has worked with her.  Ann has experienced tremendous success in the C suite and across multiple industries, Automotive, Oil & Gas, Chemical, Aerospace, and Healthcare, she sees no barriers to success and leads the charge in the area of supplier and workplace diversity and inclusion, it's her mission.

This Harvard grad has a story to tell and one that will inspire you on your authentic leadership journey. She is a compassionate leader who has the confidence to inspire, but also the humility to be respectful and encouraging. 

There is a part 2 to this podcast, tune in to part 1 to find out why.  I had to be vulnerable in part 2, more to follow.

02:26 – Ann’s story

12:49 – Automotive to Healthcare

14:23 – Authentic Leadership

19:00 – Aligning and breaking down silos

23:09 – The games we play in the boardroom

27:46 - Mentoring

31:35 – Advice to your 25-year-old self

36:27 – Leading through a crisis

43:16 – Employee engagement

49:25 – Fun in the workplace

53:11 – The legacy

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